Our Mission: Bringing Empowerment Tech to the World
AI, Digital Wallets, Personal Agents and Privacy Tools are Changing Everything

We are on a Mission

The world is at the forefront of the next wave of digital transformation - and this time, the customer is in control

A generational shift is occurring.

Consumers and businesses alike are rebelling against monopolistic business practices, data silos, and petty rent extraction. With the rise of fraud and misinformation, the need for digital trust has never been higher. And yet, the opportunity for truly unique personalized experiences - true digital intimacy - is almost completely untapped.

The convergence of portable identity, personal AI, digital agents and new privacy tools is ushering in the next wave of digital transformation: a set of capabilities which can completely reshape customer engagement.

MISSION is a consultancy focused on helping organizations understand and embrace ‘Empowerment Tech’  to create better customer relationships.

Our Services

Partner with MISSION to accelerate your Empowerment Tech journey


Understand the impact and opportunities around digital identity, wallets, verifiable credentials, and more.


Accelerate and de-risk your Empowerment Tech activities with uniquely expert help.


Get ahead with the right mix of knowledge, network and experience.

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